CocoaCoCi Mascot 2020


You are in need of a (new) logo, stream overlay, Twitch-emotes or anything similar? You took a good look around and like my work for other streamers? Absolutely fantastic!
Just contact me via the contact form (down below) or directly via e-mail.

Martinsher's commissions:

For „Martinsher“ I already designed the following:

  • profile picture
  • Twitch emotes
  • Twitch header
  • Twitch offline banner

stream animations

Martinsher Emote Showcase v2
The emotes I designed for Martinsher​.

Martinsher's comment on my work:

Martinsher​ Profile Pic

Working together with Manu was always very dynamic and he also implemented small changes reliably. He exceeded / surpassed all of my expectations with his work! He remains my number one contact / consultant regarding graphics and design.



You are also in need of a logo / channel design and so forth?

MrAppl3Fl4n's commissions

For „MrAppl3Flan“ I designed a profile picture (which he already uses on his social media sites) and emotes.

The emotes I designed for MrAppl3Fl4n​.

MrAppl3Fl4n's comment on my work:

MrAppl3Fl4n Profile Pic

The emotes and logo were designed quite lovingly. Top-notch consultation, fast conception and always adding his personal touch to his work. My go-to designer for the little and the big things in life.



You are also in need of a logo / channel design and so forth?