Minecraft Datapacks

Here you can find my Minecraft Datapacks

Cookie Crafting

I added some recipes to the game which I thought were missing in the base game.
Shapeless = You can arrange the items in any shape you like.


Current version: 1.0 (Minecraft 1.17.X)


Coal -> Black Dye (shapeless)

Bones -> Bone Block (shapeless)

Cobblestone Slabs -> Block

Cobblestone Slabs -> Cobblestone

Big Dripleaf Recipe

Big Dripleaf

Small Dripleaf Recipe

Small Dripleaf

Kelp -> Green Dye (shapeless)

Gold Horse Armor Recipe

Gold Horse Armor

Diamond Horse Armor Recipe

Diamond Horse Armor

Iron Horse Armor Recipe

Iron Horse Armor

Orange Dye Big Flowers Recipe

Big Flowers -> Orange Dye (shapeless)

Orange Dye Small Flowers Recipe

Small Flowers -> Orange Dye (shapeless)

Saddle Recipe


Sponge Recipe


Spore Blossom Recipe

Spore Blossom

Wool -> String (shapeless)

Smelting Diamond Items -> Diamond

Smelting Rotten Flesh

Smelting Rotten Flesh -> Leather

Cookie Crafting - AddOn

This AddOn adds recipes wich allow to craft spawn eggs and spawner.
You can ‘reprogram’ a spawner with spawn eggs! For example: spawner -> right-click Spawner with spider spawn egg  -> spawner gets transformed to a Spider Spawner!


Current version: 1.0 (Minecraft 1.17.X)


Player Head Recipe

Player Head

Spawn Egg Zombie

Spawn Egg Zombie*

Spawn Egg Wither Skeleton

Spawn Egg Wither Skeleton

Spawn Egg Spider

Spawn Egg Spider*

Spawn Egg Slime

Spawn Egg Slime*

Monster Spawner Recipe

Monster Spawner Recipe

*You can use all kind of player heads. Like the ones from the  “Mob Head” Datapack (Vanilla Tweaks).