On this website you can take a look at / check out the designs I made so far. If you like what you see and want me to design a logo, emote, stream overlay etc for you, contact me via e-mail or my contact form!

CoCi Designer with Post-Its


The emotes I designed so far. Click to enlarge.

Emotes CocoaCoCi 2020 pt1
My emotes 2020 part 1
Emotes CocoaCoCi 2020 pt2
My emotes 2020 part 2
Emotes MrAppl3Fl4n
MrAppl3Fl4n's emotes
Martinsher Emote Showcase
Martinsher's emotes
Emotes CocoaCoCi 2019 pt1
My emotes 2019 part 1
Emotes CocoaCoCi 2019 pt2
My emotes 2019 part 2
Buddahkeks Cookie Emotes Showcase
Buddahkeks's emotes
Alucats Bat Twitch Emotes
Alucat90's emotes


MrAppl3Fl4n's Logo
Martinsher Skull Logo
Martinsher's Logo
Alucat90 Bat Logo Round
Alucat90's Logo
Irokesenigor Neon Logo
Irokesenigor's Logo
Profile Picture CocoaCoCi
My Logo

Channel Design

Social media channels for which I contributed the design. Click to enlarge.

For Martinsher

Martinsher Banner 2020
Twitch header
Martinsher Offline 2020
Twitch offline banner

For Irokesenigor

Twitch Channel Irokesenigor
Irokesenigor's Twitch Banner in action.
irokesenigor Banner 2020
Twitch header

My Channel Design

CocoaCoCi Twitch Design
My Twitch channel
CocoaCoCi Offline Banner
My Twitch offline banner
CocoaCoCi Twitch Banner V1
Banner arrangement broad browser window (Twitch)
CocoaCoCi Twitch Banner V2
Banner arrangement slim browser window (Twitch)

Above you can see the banners which can be found on my Twitch channel. Their layout is specifically chosen so that three small ones or a small- and medium-sized banner equal a large one in size / take up the same space as a large one. Reason for that is the varying banner arrangements depending on the browser width (see examples above). In order to create a consistent view / image I decided on the “modular system”.

Stream Overlay

Here is my current stream overlay.  Click to enlarge.

Stream Overlay Ingame with Facecam
In-Game Stream Overlay
Stream Overlay between games with Facecam
Between Games Stream Overlay
Stream Overlay 4-3 with Facecam
4:3 Stream Overlay
Stream Overlay Ingame with Facecam Picture in Picture
Picture in Picture Stream Overlay

Twitch Badges

An overview of the badges I designed. Click to enlarge.

SubBadges CocoaCoCi-Pt1
My sub badges part 1
SubBadges CocoaCoCi Pt2
My sub badges part 2
BitBadges CocoaCoCi
My bit badges
Martinsher Sub-Badge 1
Martinsher's sub badges part 1
Martinsher Sub-Badge 2
Martinsher's sub badges part 2


An overview of the alerts I currently use. Click to enlarge.

Alert CocoaCoCi Follow

My follower alert. In the centre of the bar the follower’s name appears.

Alert CocoaCoCi Sub

My subscriber alert. In the centre of the bar the subscriber’s name appears.

Alert CocoaCoCi Host

This alert is shown when another streamer is hosting me.

Alert CocoaCoCi Raid

This alert is shown when another streamer is raiding me.

Alert CocoaCoCi Bits

This alert pops up when someone donates Bits.

Alert CocoaCoCi Donation

This alert pops up when someone donates money.